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Best Carpet Cleaning method in Concord Ca

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You may be wondering "What's the best method of cleaning carpets in Concord Ca?"

Great Question!!

That is why I chose this video.

I won't cover all the methods but just recap what you saw on the video.

Some of the methods out there are:

1 Shampooing- The method of shampooing throws alot of soap into your carpet and use a brush to move it around into your carpet.

The plan is to let the carpet dry and then let your vacuum cleaner do the work of picking up all the excess.

The problem is that you wont be able to extract all the shampoo and the residue left over will attract soil onto your carpet.

2 Dry Cleaning(Chem Dry)- This method is very similar to the first in that they throw a bunch of chemical.  

The difference is they use a big buffer to move the dirt around.

The difference is that it dries faster but you are also left with alot of residue on ypur carpet.

Again the residue left over attracts the dirt and your carpets get dirty faster.

3 Portable Hot Water Extrasction- This is a little better method than the last two because after you are throwing down a cleaning 

solution you are also vacuuming the excess back out of your rug.

There is still an element that is lacking in this system.

This system is lacking "Power".

The motor that powes this system is about the size of your fist.

You might as well do it  your self and rent a rug doctor!!   Noo!!!

4 Truck Mount System- This is by far the best system out there.

You are able to produce more heat and this is good because heat helps break up soil so that less chemical is needed.

Less chemical means less residue. 

You have a larger motor usually the vehicle's motor that powers the system.

You have better extraction which means less chemical left over and carpets feel and last clean longer.

So the Best method of Carpet Cleaning in Concord Ca. is The Truck Mount System.


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