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Taking Urine out of my Carpets in Concord Ca

We all love our furry little animals.

Some of us have a preferrance towards a dog and some like cats better.

Which ever the case may be they all have the same deffect:  "They both pee!"

You will find a furry animal in almost every home.

We all share the same problem of "Urine in our carpets".

Now you have the task of getting pee out of your carpets.


When this happens and you are on it quickly all you need to do is:


1 Take a white towel and place it over the affected area and let the towel absorb it.

2 After you have taken most of it up you spray the area with an enzyme or mild spotter.

3  Lastly you try to take the moisture out like you did in step 1 and you are done.


Chances are that you wont be there to see where "Fido did his thing", and you realize that something is up because you can smell it.

In these cases you are going to need a little more help.


Let me explain.

Urine gets into the fibers and sometimes as far as the backing and sub floor.

The problem with Urine is it Crystalizes with time.

What that means is that you can't just clean it out any more.

You have to be able to break down the crystals in order to do the cleaning process.

So now you are searching in the web "Taking urine out of my carpets in Concord Ca"


Not so fast!


I need to warn you ahead of time that not any carpet cleaner will want to go through the proper procedure like you saw in this video.

They will want to get your business and say they will fix it but actually they don't know or want to.

70% of carpet cleaners out there dont even know how to clean properly less take urine out of your carpet.

To break down the urine crystals you need the proper chemical and 30-45 minutes of dwelling time to do so.

Most carpet cleaners dont even know this and will spray a little deodorizer and feel like that is all they can do.


Here at Angel Care we don't believe in taking short cuts.

We actually Care!

So check us out and we will help you take that urine out of your carpets in your Concord Ca.





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