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Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning in the Concord Ca area

Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning in the Concord Ca area

If you are wondering what the best method of carpet cleaning is lets look at some of the options?

Lets look at the three more popular options:

Rug Dr.that you rent at the store-  

A rug Dr. is a system that lacks heat and it lacks suction and because you are doing it yourself

you are lacking experience.

A Dry Cleaning method- 

Is a system that only does surface cleaning because it lacks suction and not only that but it 

spreads the dirt around.

Truck Mount Method-  Is the most powerful system. There is a very large motor that powers the system

and provides the suction that is required to dry your carpets quickly. A Truck Mount has the ability to

heat the water that breaks up the spots and spills.

If you want quality cleaning a Truck Mount is the best way to go.

Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning is what we chose to use to service your Concord area.

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