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What to expect from a Carpet Cleaner in Concord Ca


If you are like me you want to have an idea of what to expect when you are hiring a carpet cleaner in Concord Ca.

We will be looking at this Living Room Dining Room and we will make some observations and suggestions.

The Living Room Dining Room areas tend to get alot of wear and tear.


     You might be able to guess that an area rug was present here at some point.

     In the before picture you can see its like new where the area rug use to be.

     Unfortunately around the area rug you can see all the wear and tear that the center did not get.

     We suggest that if you are going to lay down an area rug make sure that you move it a little to one side every month or so to prevent having a deffinite line.

     You have to understand that you are keeping the carpet new under the area rug and the rest is not.


You can see that there is alot of grey areas from constany use.

It is important that you vacuum at least once a week to keep away that every day dust.

This is important because that dust is like sand paper and your carpet is like plastic.

When you walk you rub them together and the dust will scratch the surface of the fiber.

When we clean your carpet we can get the dirt out but we cant take out the scratches caused by dust and traffic.


      Another suggestion is that you request the Carpet Cleaning Tech to apply a protector.

      This (although is not a bullet proof shield) will wear out before your carpet thus extending its life.


 When you look at the after picture it actually came out pretty nice although you can notice a little where the area rug use  was laying.

This is what you can expect from Angel Care Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in Concord Ca.






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